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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Brijuni Islands

Today I'm going to show a little of Brijuni Islands. In the past few years they became extremely popular, the hotel is fully booked many months in advance and I mean look at this yacht, but you can always go to the main island for a day on a boat from Fazana.
The main island was Tito's residence for many years, I actually went there to do some research about four years ago when I was writing my IB history coursework. So one of the main attractions there is the safari-type zoo with animals that were brought to Tito by other famous historical figures, for example an elephant brought by Indira Gandhi. Though as you can see I enjoyed donkeys the most :)
And this is Tito's personal car I totally fell in love with, in fact you can even rent it to drive around the island but I think it costs a fortune and I would be dead scared of breaking it as it is pretty old, though it looks perfect.
Couldn't resist taking a picture of my reflection in it :)
And another attraction is the museum with all Tito's photographs and other similar stuff in it. I even bought a t-shirt with a print of Tito and his car but I'm gonna show it to you later when I pimp it.
Also the island is famous for it's golf fields (don't pay attention to the fact that there's almost no grass, usually it's not like that but this summer was hell) and...
the oldest olive tree in the world! Seriously, it was planted B.C.
And of course the clearest sea ever.
P.S. Brijuni is also the place where Robert Koch made many discoveries in bacteriology. 


  1. какой интересный пост! теперь у меня появилась еще одна новая цель, которую надо посетить.

    1. ну в Хорватию мне кажется так и надо ехать - на Истрию и по городам-островам
      но конечно есть еще Плитвицкие озера которые далековато но они того стоят, но я там в последний раз давно была и фотографий нет(