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Sunday, 10 June 2012

About me

Hey, my name's Anna.

I am a Creative Writing & Drama student at Kingston University. I moved to the UK a year ago and lived in Kingston, which was a bit boring, so now I'll be moving to London in July and I thought that it's about time to create a blog. I've been having one in Russian for ages but now I really want to keep one about my everyday life in London.

So yes, I am originally from Estonia, I lived in Switzerland, Croatia, France (Paris) and now I'm living in London and I'm planning to stay here for a while. I speak Estonian, Russian, French and English and I really want to learn Spanish one day.

I used to travel a lot and I still do, so there is a hobby I'm quite serious about - travel photography. Yet I am even more serious about poetry (that's why I'm studying creative writing:)).

So in this blog I'll be posting my photographs of my favorite places, videos of my poetic performances etc, so basically keeping track of my successes and sharing my art.

Also I'll be writing a lot about my everyday life, sharing my favorite places to hang out at, parks, restaurants, whatever, sharing any beauty tips and looks (I'm a bit of a beauty freak too:)), sharing my opinion after visiting exhibitions, theatre, poetry evenings etc, basically sharing everything I find worth sharing.

Ask me anything on formspring, contact me via facebook, find me on instagram @solfeggiette and enjoy my blog :)

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