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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

5 Favorite Movie Scenes

Since I spend 200% of my time preparing for my upcoming exhibition and poetic performance at this years International Youth Arts Festival (I'll write more about that later) my social and cultural life is approaching zero by now, so I decided to share with you some of my all-time favorite movie scenes (there're more, these are the ones that first came to mind and that were easy to find). Enjoy (but be aware that these include major spoilers) :)

1. "O Captain! My Captain!" from Dead Poets Society (1989)

I saw this movie for the first time in middle school when we were studying poetry. My middle school teacher was the one who encouraged me to get more serious about poetry, so this movie is of personal significance to me. And even if I wouldn't be so dedicated to poetry this scene is still one of the most touching movie scenes ever in my opinion.

2. "Call It" from No Country For Old Men (2007)

The genius level of this scene is infinity. The best fate game ever, very philosophical and every single line can be quoted. After this movie I truly believe that Javier Bardem is no doubt the best Hollywood actor of the 21st century, never imagined that he can be that creepy.

3. "You look like a happy couple" from Annie Hall (1977)

This is the ultimate truth about 90% of successful relationships. Period. Though I absolutely love Woody Allen and it was hard to pick one movie and moreover one scene.

4. "Don't eat fish" from Closer (2004)

To be honest there are better scenes in the
movie, though I like this one too (that's obvious, look at the name of my blog). The movie is amazing overall, great actors, funny, original and one of the most realistic and dramatic relationship stories in my opinion.

5. "You're just too good to be true" from 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

I am not a big fan of teen comedies, cheesy romance and happy endings, moreover I wouldn't recommend watching the whole movie unless you are a big Heath Ledger fan (but then you've probably seen it already), there's really not much more to it, but this scene is so worth it.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Patisserie Valerie

For some reason I'm only writing about French cafes in London, but it's just a coincidence, not because I'm missing Parisian life (hell no!) or something like that, it's just that I happened to find pics of those places on my instagram and I'm currently not in London to go somewhere else.
With that being said today I'm introducing Patisserie Valerie, a cafe to be found in multiple locations. I prefer it to other similar cafes for a number of reasons.
It has free wifi, it always has great summer menus, different salads, refreshing drinks, sundaes etc, it's pretty cozy... In my opinion those cafes are perfect for a quick summer lunch by yourself or with a friend. Especially by yourself when you have a free time slot during the day, an iPad in your bag and a meeting to prepare to. Sometimes I also take away a couple of tartes aux framboises, guilty :)
Also, it may seem a bit pricy but the portions are HUGE. I can't imagine a woman eating more than a salad there. Well, maybe a little eclair too... Or wait, their eclairs are huge too.
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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Projecto artE pORtas abErtas - Funchal, Madeira

Since I'm not in London now and not much exciting is happening right now (all I do now is work, eat, sleep and work, I hardly even leave the house) until I come back I'll be writing about old trips and showing old pictures. I had a wonderful relaxing week in Madeira in April and brought back tons of pictures. Today I am going to write about one particular day, the day I went for a walk around Funchal.

A couple of streets in Funchal, particularly street of Santa Maria, have almost every door painted by different artists (and in fact not only painted), I've never seen anything like that before and was very impressed, it's magical. I took a couple of pictures of the ones I liked the most, but you can view every single one of them on the website of the project.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

River Island

I used to have a lookbook quite a while ago, so now I'm keen on keeping it again. When I first had it I wasn't 100% happy with my style (and I'm still not, but whatever:)) and didn't have a photographer I'd enjoy working with and I still don't! So I am looking for a photographer in London who could help me with my lookbook! I will of course credit him/her and can take some photos in return or whatever, so feel free to contact me on this matter.
There is a River Island contest on lookbook with complimentary discounts for entrants and I happened to have beautiful River Island shoes, so there you go. I totally love River Island for being cheap and trendy. This outfit actually has a kinda interesting story. I bought the shoes about a year ago, I needed casual black ones actually, those were the only ones I liked, they were in black too and I was considering getting them, but couldn't help falling in love with the colorful ones. Even though I was short of shoes that could be matched with many outfits I decided that I wear similar colors quite often and I can figure something out with those. Since then I mostly wore them with neutral colors as they were quite catchy by themselves, yet a couple of months ago I was shopping in preparation for my spring holiday and came across these pants and this blouse in one of my favorite shops in Tallinn ( and the colors happened to match these shoes perfectly, moreover the texture of the pants did too. No need to say I'm absolutely in love with those pants, they are super-comfortable, universal and both the color and the material are very rich.
Hat - Ted Baker
Blouse and Pants - S'nob
Shoes - River Island
Bag - Moschino
Sunglasses - Ray Ban Wayfarers

Inspiration: Long Exposure

Recently I've been taking many photographs using long exposure on my way to developing my personal style. Funny thing is that I got inspired by a painting from the British National Gallery, painted in 1844 by J. M. W. Turner, my favorite British painter of all times. "Rain, steam and speed" is and example of a flawless still image portraying movement, do go see it, it is fascinating, simultaneously impressively realistic and overwhelmingly dreamy.
 A photo taken by me in St. James Park, London.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Stockholm, Sweden

 So my todays pick for travel photography destination is Stockholm, Sweden. I was there only for a couple of hours but absolutely fell in love with Stockholm and will definitely come back. To be honest the photos are crap, not even close to how beautiful Stockholm is, I had absolutely no time to make those shots count. Well, another reason to come back :)
 However it was in Stockholm that I discovered, that sometimes I actually can take good portraits. Or maybe it's just that my friend saves my skills with her beauty :)
And a crappy touristic photo of me on the streets of Stockholm as a bonus:

Monday, 18 June 2012

Summer in Paris

I used to have a lookbook quite a while ago, so now I'm keen on keeping it again. When I first had it I wasn't 100% happy with my style (and I'm still not, but whatever:)) and didn't have a photographer I'd enjoy working with and I still don't! So I am looking for a photographer in London who could help me with my lookbook! I will of course credit him/her and can take some photos in return or whatever, so feel free to contact me on this matter.
These photos were taken ages ago in Paris in summer, I don't even remember the name of the photographer to be honest, it's been like three years or so. Even though these photos are very simple in terms of style and I have changed quite a bit too I still love those (and that's odd, usually I hate everything that is more than a day old) because they remind me of my Parisian life even though I so far enjoy London much more. Can't resist posting one more:
Dress - Mango
Shoes - Cosmo Paris
Scarf - from somewhere in India

Burt's Bees Scrub + GIVEAWAY!

Today I would like to introduce my all-time favorite body scrub: Burt's Bees Sugar Body Scrub. The reasons I love it so much?
+ It smells nice and looks delicious
+ It is fairly gentle and leaves no scratches
+ But strong enough to perfectly polish the skin
+ Thick consistency doesn't leave a single mm out
+ Fruit oils nourish the skin and give it an impressive smooth finish (that was actually the first time I came across a scrub that works this way)
Actually I have a personal story that proves how effective it is but that's too intimate, so just trust me ;)
There are some negative sides obviously (but the positive ones make it so worth it):
- It is a bit pricy
- It is a bit "dirty" meaning you have to wash it off your body and shower cabin very attentively

Now to the fun part - since it's pricy and many people just wouldn't risk it without knowing for sure it is worth it and I happened to get 3 for 2 in Boots I will give one of those away to one of you!

Burt's Bees Sugar Body Scrub GIVEAWAY, the rules are simple:
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You can find the links to do that on right-hand side. You have to be my follower at least till the giveaway ends. You can unsubscribe as soon as it does, but hopefully you'll get attached to my blog :) If I will discover that the winner is not following my blog I will pick another winner.
2. Leave a comment to this post saying which scrub you prefer - Mango&Orange or Cranberry&Pomegranate.
If you wont state your preferences I might just send you whichever one of those two. Do not leave comments related to the giveaway under other posts.
3. This step is optional, however if you reblog this giveaway your comment will represent 5 numbers instead of just one, so the chances increase.
Leave a link in the comments below and your comment will count as 5.

The winner will be announced in a month from now - on July 18th. Random number generator will pick a number representing a comment by a lucky winner. Followers worldwide are free to enter.

Both of these are worth 12.99 pounds and weigh 226g.

Refreshing Mango&Orange

Sweet Cranberry&Pomegranate
Good Luck! :)
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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Vrsar, Croatia

Ok, I was planning to make this blog a little more London style but since I'm having a couple of weeks off now I am nowhere near London :) Figured it would be a good time to start a blog since I have lots of free time now to promote it and to figure out how I want it. So right now I'm in Croatia, mostly spending time on a boat in Vrsar.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I am flying Tallinn-Munchen-Trieste today, all this to get from Trieste to my final destination, Croatia, by car.
When I am in an airport I feel like I don't belong anywhere else, like I have no past, no future, no concerns... 
That's where time stops.

 Though as much as I love airports I hate packing.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Laduree Covent Garden

One of my top 5 favorite restaurants in London is definitely Laduree Covent Garden. First of all I find it much more beautiful and cozy than any of the ones in Paris. Second of all the location is perfect, I mean Covent Garden says it all. Everything obviously is delicious. I totally love 5 o'clock tea English style yet sometimes I want my tea a little more French.

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Monday, 11 June 2012

2 in 1

Here goes my ultimate summer beauty tip.
Summer is the time to get creative with salads and look your absolute best, so why not combine the two.

You will need:
1 avocado
1 egg
prawns and/or crayfish (or whatever else you like)
salad leafs (if you want, those are unnecessary)
home made mayonnaise - that's the recipe I use, but multiply all the ingredients by two, you'll later see why

Basically you cut the avocado in half, take out the stone and pulp from both halves.
Cut or crush the pulp.
Boil an egg, cut it.
Cut the prawns and/or crayfish.
Add salad leafs if you want and mix it all together.
Add half the mayonnaise made, mix it all again and put back into the avocado halves.
The salad is done, simple, delicious and healthy (hope the explanation is clear enough):
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And now about the beauty - massage the remaining mayonnaise into dry hair, put on a shower cap and leave it there for at least 30mins (enjoy your salad or take a bath, you can leave it for longer, won't do any harm). Rinse and wash your hair.
You will see the results straight away, it best works for dry and damaged hair, makes it silky and shiny.

P.S. You can use mayo from the shop for the salad but I don't recommend using it on your hair.


I used to have a lookbook quite a while ago, so now I'm keen on keeping it again. When I first had it I wasn't 100% happy with my style (and I'm still not, but whatever:)) and didn't have a photographer I'd enjoy working with and I still don't!
So I am looking for a photographer in London who could help me with my lookbook! I will of course credit him/her and can take some photos in return or whatever, so feel free to contact me on this matter.

I am a huge red lipstick addict and overall elegant b&w outfits + red lipstick is something I wear quite often, I love the mood those create. I used to be a Swarovski fan but now I'm more into something else, I'll talk about my recent jewelry choices another time. And yes, when I enter Ted Baker I want to buy almost everything, that's the only brand I know where the clothes look much more expensive than they are. Long gloves add that extra elegancy and keep you much warmer, having those is a must when you are going for a classy style.
These photos were taken by Kevin, we had a lovely walk in Pimlico. It was a bit rainy, so my hair doesn't look its best. One more photo from this shoot because it is so me:
Dress - Maxmara
Blazer - Karen Millen
Boots - Charles&Keith
Gloves - Monton
Bag - Ted Baker
Jewelry - Swarovski
Lipstick - Dior Rouge Ara Red

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana itself is quite a boring city to be honest, yet the view while flying from Munchen to Ljubljana was breathtaking.  
If you happen to be in Ljubljana there is one place really worth visiting - Ljubljana Castle, once again mostly for a magical view.
Yet there are also galleries with exhibitions and installations at the castle and a couple of museums, unfortunately no photos of those, but do go there when visiting Ljubljana.

About me

Hey, my name's Anna.

I am a Creative Writing & Drama student at Kingston University. I moved to the UK a year ago and lived in Kingston, which was a bit boring, so now I'll be moving to London in July and I thought that it's about time to create a blog. I've been having one in Russian for ages but now I really want to keep one about my everyday life in London.

So yes, I am originally from Estonia, I lived in Switzerland, Croatia, France (Paris) and now I'm living in London and I'm planning to stay here for a while. I speak Estonian, Russian, French and English and I really want to learn Spanish one day.

I used to travel a lot and I still do, so there is a hobby I'm quite serious about - travel photography. Yet I am even more serious about poetry (that's why I'm studying creative writing:)).

So in this blog I'll be posting my photographs of my favorite places, videos of my poetic performances etc, so basically keeping track of my successes and sharing my art.

Also I'll be writing a lot about my everyday life, sharing my favorite places to hang out at, parks, restaurants, whatever, sharing any beauty tips and looks (I'm a bit of a beauty freak too:)), sharing my opinion after visiting exhibitions, theatre, poetry evenings etc, basically sharing everything I find worth sharing.

Ask me anything on formspring, contact me via facebook, find me on instagram @solfeggiette and enjoy my blog :)