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Friday, 12 October 2012

Edvard Munch at Tate Modern

It's the last chance to see the Edvard Munch exhibition at Tate Modern this weekend, if you haven't seen it yet I strongly recommend you do. I have been there about three times since it opened (you can read about my previous visit HERE) and went for a farewell today, I can't even promise I won't cry when it ends. That's all because Edvard Munch is my favorite artist of all times, he is like the Edgar Poe of visual arts for me. Of course I purchased a print as a trophy after visiting this exhibition, it's "Kiss on the Shore by Moonlight" 1914.
The main reason I love Munch is because his paintings are very emotive, they appeal to much more senses than just sight, simple faces of Munch's characters are so striking! You can hear his "Scream" screaming and you can feel the loneliness, the kisses, the jealousy and all the other emotions he portrayed in his paintings, here are my favorite ones exhibited in Tate Modern:

And of course this self-portrait. If you stand right in front of it and stare you can see Munch's head growing out of your body in the reflection.
My dream is to go to Oslo to see the "Scream" and many other paintings but this exhibition is pretty good overall, so go see it while you still can!

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