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Friday, 13 July 2012

Lilac Lush

So here comes the second part of photos from my rainy day with Ray Liu. As usual I had my hair done but the rain pretty much ruined it. That day I challenged myself to style the Diana Kurves blazer and the outfit I ended up putting together looked complete without the blazer too.

I am a huge fan of silk blouses, I have like 10, they always look chic and are great for adding some color while still keeping elegant and somewhat official. Also I love the details on the skirt and it is exactly right for my body type. And in case you didn't know - I am crazy about colorful lipsticks, I also have around 10, from ginger to bordeaux, these are the greatest accessories and can brighten up every outfit. Usually I don't wear that much jewelry but this time it felt right.

Blouse - McQ
Skirt - Mango
Heels - River Island
Bag - Ted Baker
Necklace - Accessorize
Lipstick - Tom Ford "Cherry Lush"


  1. Your lovely outfit in one of "The best of the week" on my blog.


    1. ohhh, thank you, I very much appreciate it!