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Friday, 13 July 2012

A day in London

I figured I'd tell you a little about my day or what I enjoy doing in London when I have nothing to do :)

First I had my nails done at the Covent Garden Salon. I actually spent ages looking for a salon that'd suit me perfectly and that's the closest I got. It is a bit on the expensive side, but I like the location, they do all sorts of treatments I need and do them well, everyone is super-sweet there and they have wifi. Also I have a huge problem with time management and I'm usually always late and they don't mind it that much. They have another branch called the Soho Salon and there's pretty much no difference. And they do shellac for both manicure and pedicure which doesn't seem to happen in London that often and I'm a huge fan of shellac, pedicure looks descent for more than a month and my manicure never lasts longer than two days without shellac so that's the only way for me. There's not many colors to pick but I have one or two that I really like.
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Actually this time I mixed up the time and arrived early so I had a breakfast in Starbucks and I rarely have breakfast as I'm always late. But when I do I have tuna melt panini and mango & passionfruit smoothie. I also had strawberries & cream frappuccino which I quite enjoy when I don't feel like coffee, it reminds me of strawberry sundaes they make in McDonald's in Tallinn but never saw any in London or Paris.
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So after getting my nails done I went to Tate Modern to see the Edvard Munch exhibition. I was actually hired to write an article about it but I would go anyways, since Edvard Munch is my favorite painter of all times. I think that he is very underestimated, I mean "The Scream" is a genius painting, but he has so many other ones worth admiring. His paintings, despite their simplicity, convey extremely strong emotions and his imagery reminds me of Edgar Poe, another genius I admire.
The exhibition overall was quite worth it (and I'm so buying Tate membership, I go there way too often), I found it smaller than "L'anti cri" I saw in Paris a couple of years ago, yet it still reveals quite a lot about Munch. Personally I liked the second, red room the most, it shows first versions of some of his greatest paintings and then the versions that were painted about 20 years later, I would live in this room :)
Also I got myself an umbrella. First of all it was raining, second of all I keep losing them all the time so I figured it'd be better to buy one expensive and nice one I would never forget somewhere and I'd enjoy carrying with me.
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Also I love the area around Tate Modern, so much fun was going on there and it's so pretty, I can't wait to move to Vauxhall! I very much enjoyed the street piano project, shame they'll be gone tomorrow, I did IB music in high school but I don't have a piano now and I miss it. And also, did you ever notice the view from the top floors of Tate?

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