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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


First of all I'd like to remind you that I have a GIVEAWAY ending tomorrow evening, that's when I'll announce the winner and probably begin a new giveaway (I am planning to have those monthly) so that is your last chance to enter if you didn't yet and do make sure you keep an eye of those (but of course I will contact the lucky winner).

Ok, so back to business now :) I just had dinner at one of the Carluccio's restaurants and this is definitely my new favorite restaurant network. Now why is that? It's pretty and cozy, it's open till late (I think today it was 11pm), it suits all occasions - romantic dinner, lunch for one, friendly talks... and they have great wine!
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The staff was super-friendly, I never had to wait or ask twice or anything like that. Also, what I loved, you can order half portions, so this way you can save some place for both a salad/soup and a main course and maybe even a desert :) The menu is pretty varied so trust me, you will want to save that space :)
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I had a salad and a mushroom risotto, the offer a couple of seasonal risottos you should ask for. I tasted so many mushroom risottos in my life it's incredible and I have to say this one was pretty good. But the true masterpieces are the deserts - they have more than 10 I think and they all sound super-tasty, it was very hard to pick one and I was already full but just had to try it. And when I saw it it was love from the first sight :)
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And finally they offer cooking classes, sell fine Italian food to cook at home and even offer picnics you can pre-order (I will definitely try that out)!


  1. Carluccio's is nice! Have you tried the tiramisu? It#s delicious!

  2. nope, but I'm sure it is and I surely will, as I said the deserts there sound orgasmic :) I'd try like most of them