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Monday, 25 June 2012

Patisserie Valerie

For some reason I'm only writing about French cafes in London, but it's just a coincidence, not because I'm missing Parisian life (hell no!) or something like that, it's just that I happened to find pics of those places on my instagram and I'm currently not in London to go somewhere else.
With that being said today I'm introducing Patisserie Valerie, a cafe to be found in multiple locations. I prefer it to other similar cafes for a number of reasons.
It has free wifi, it always has great summer menus, different salads, refreshing drinks, sundaes etc, it's pretty cozy... In my opinion those cafes are perfect for a quick summer lunch by yourself or with a friend. Especially by yourself when you have a free time slot during the day, an iPad in your bag and a meeting to prepare to. Sometimes I also take away a couple of tartes aux framboises, guilty :)
Also, it may seem a bit pricy but the portions are HUGE. I can't imagine a woman eating more than a salad there. Well, maybe a little eclair too... Or wait, their eclairs are huge too.
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