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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Projecto artE pORtas abErtas - Funchal, Madeira

Since I'm not in London now and not much exciting is happening right now (all I do now is work, eat, sleep and work, I hardly even leave the house) until I come back I'll be writing about old trips and showing old pictures. I had a wonderful relaxing week in Madeira in April and brought back tons of pictures. Today I am going to write about one particular day, the day I went for a walk around Funchal.

A couple of streets in Funchal, particularly street of Santa Maria, have almost every door painted by different artists (and in fact not only painted), I've never seen anything like that before and was very impressed, it's magical. I took a couple of pictures of the ones I liked the most, but you can view every single one of them on the website of the project.

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