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Thursday, 21 June 2012

River Island

I used to have a lookbook quite a while ago, so now I'm keen on keeping it again. When I first had it I wasn't 100% happy with my style (and I'm still not, but whatever:)) and didn't have a photographer I'd enjoy working with and I still don't! So I am looking for a photographer in London who could help me with my lookbook! I will of course credit him/her and can take some photos in return or whatever, so feel free to contact me on this matter.
There is a River Island contest on lookbook with complimentary discounts for entrants and I happened to have beautiful River Island shoes, so there you go. I totally love River Island for being cheap and trendy. This outfit actually has a kinda interesting story. I bought the shoes about a year ago, I needed casual black ones actually, those were the only ones I liked, they were in black too and I was considering getting them, but couldn't help falling in love with the colorful ones. Even though I was short of shoes that could be matched with many outfits I decided that I wear similar colors quite often and I can figure something out with those. Since then I mostly wore them with neutral colors as they were quite catchy by themselves, yet a couple of months ago I was shopping in preparation for my spring holiday and came across these pants and this blouse in one of my favorite shops in Tallinn ( and the colors happened to match these shoes perfectly, moreover the texture of the pants did too. No need to say I'm absolutely in love with those pants, they are super-comfortable, universal and both the color and the material are very rich.
Hat - Ted Baker
Blouse and Pants - S'nob
Shoes - River Island
Bag - Moschino
Sunglasses - Ray Ban Wayfarers


  1. очень красивые туфли!! и все остальное идеально к ним подходит.

    1. спасибо) туфли я покупала прошлым летом, нужны были черные (как всегда у девушек бывает) а купила эти, так как померила их в черном варианте, но влюбилась в эти цвета, тем более, что они очень мои, и только почти год спустя купила блузку и эти удобнейшие брюки, вспомнила про туфли, и офигела от идилии цветов))
      пока все это писала кстати поняла, что надо это написать в пост, не очень из меня блоггер пока))