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Monday, 11 June 2012


I used to have a lookbook quite a while ago, so now I'm keen on keeping it again. When I first had it I wasn't 100% happy with my style (and I'm still not, but whatever:)) and didn't have a photographer I'd enjoy working with and I still don't!
So I am looking for a photographer in London who could help me with my lookbook! I will of course credit him/her and can take some photos in return or whatever, so feel free to contact me on this matter.

I am a huge red lipstick addict and overall elegant b&w outfits + red lipstick is something I wear quite often, I love the mood those create. I used to be a Swarovski fan but now I'm more into something else, I'll talk about my recent jewelry choices another time. And yes, when I enter Ted Baker I want to buy almost everything, that's the only brand I know where the clothes look much more expensive than they are. Long gloves add that extra elegancy and keep you much warmer, having those is a must when you are going for a classy style.
These photos were taken by Kevin, we had a lovely walk in Pimlico. It was a bit rainy, so my hair doesn't look its best. One more photo from this shoot because it is so me:
Dress - Maxmara
Blazer - Karen Millen
Boots - Charles&Keith
Gloves - Monton
Bag - Ted Baker
Jewelry - Swarovski
Lipstick - Dior Rouge Ara Red

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