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Monday, 13 August 2012

Home Made Paella

I love cooking because for me it is a very creative process. I love mixing ingredients, creating something new, developing my signature dishes - cooking simple ordinary food is not for me. Today I am going to share with you my ultimate cooking secret. Whenever you feel like being incredibly creative with what you cook or are incredibly lazy and don't feel like paying the grocery store a visit you should cook home made paella. The greatest thing about it is that it only has 3 compulsory ingredients:
*Tomato paste
All the other ingredients are open to imagination. This is an example of what I add:
*Minced meat
*Lemon juice
But you can add anything! Any meat and/or seafood, any vegetables, you can try adding any cheese, any spices, even fruits. The top level would be trying adding any other sauce along with the tomato paste. I definitely want to try cooking paella with chicken, pineapples, mushrooms and cheese, maybe with a creamier sauce. Also I would definitely try a seafood one, with prawns, mussels, tomatoes, rucola and whatever else will come to my mind while cooking.

So all you have to do is to cook the rice, get a huge pan, fry everything you want, the more the better, but all the ingredients have to work well together, add a lot of tomato paste and spices and mix it all with rice. Voila!
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P.S. Also what I like about it is that it's light and it can be adjusted to your personal preferences or the preferences of your guests. And it's an independent dish, so doesn't take much time and is all in one.

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