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Thursday, 2 August 2012


Hey guys, I know I kinda disappeared, I was very busy moving from Kingston to Vauxhall and the internet at my new flat is pretty dodgy too. I have A LOT to write about, but for now I'll just tell you a little story about how I was moving.

To be honest, even though I usually fly somewhere up to eight times a month, I hate packing and it stresses me a lot, so this time was especially painful, as I had to pack EVERYTHING. I still managed to forget a couple of things, but mostly household items, so not a big deal. But this is what my old room looked like while I was packing, crazy, right?
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This is my best travel buddy! Ok, actually I only had it with me in India, China and Tanzania, but this is the best thing ever for moving, you can fit like everything in there, it's almost endless. That's probably the best thing I ever got out of college.
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 Now that's my new flat. I think the mirror is quite stylish and I find it more comfortable to use this one rather than using the one in the bathroom, so you can see all sorts of lotions and make up there. I have to figure something out with that as it doesn't look very pretty, but can't help how comfortable this is. And then some books below, should sort them out really, can't believe I bought so many during less than a year in the UK.
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So there's the sofa and the kitchen. This is a sofa-bed but I don't open it usually as I don't need much space for sleeping. I had a huge double bad in my previous room and it became a horrible mess, it had like everything on it, clothes, gadgets, books, boxes, just because I really don't need all this space for sleeping. It kinda concerns me that I might damage the sofa while cooking so maybe I'll consider moving it.
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The bathroom. I've been dreaming about living in a place with a bathtub for soooo long! I can take bath like twice a week or even more often, I just love it, plus it's much more comfortable to do all sorts of masks this way.
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 Here's a small dining table and the only window in the whole flat, which is also the balcony door. It's not like I need much light anyways, I enjoy it this way.
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 That's the view from the balcony. Yes, it it the River Thames! Though what this picture doesn't show is the fact that there are some building works going on right below and the road is there too. So it's always-always noisy, which kinda sucks, but on the other hand I got used to it pretty quickly so I don't really mind, though I wouldn't spend much time on the balcony either unless I'd feel like watching cars.
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There are a couple of cafes right next to the house, wouldn't say these are great, but some decent English food can be found there.
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  1. вид из окна потрясающий!!! очень милая квартира.

    1. пожалуй лучшее, в чем я жила за последние восемь лет. правда на балконе реально с другой стороны весьма шумная дорога, ну да ладно