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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Lady Gaga

Last Saturday I went to the Lady Gaga concert. To be honest I'm not a huge fan of hers, like I like her music in clubs but that's about it. Besides I'm not a fan of going to concerts (weird I know) but I'm a bit of a sociopath and I don't quite get the pleasure of thousands of people being crazy about someone who has no idea they exist. So if the concert would be in London I wouldn't go, but since it was in my home town Tallinn and we rarely get shows like that here I thought why not.

First of all we do have one of the most amazing concert fields in the world I think, the acoustics is crazy, well, think about how it sounds in something like that, it's even called "the Singing Field":
(the photo's not mine)

I was surprised but I actually quite liked the band that played before Gaga, called The Darkness, check it out:

(the video's not mine)

Then we had about half an hour of classical music playing before Gaga finally came out, I found it kinda cool and cultural and enjoyed it.

And finally there Gaga was. We had quite cool spots right in front of the catwalk or whatever it was so when she came up there we saw her very close, thought the monster pit might be a little to much for us (I actually went with my mum!) so yeah, we made just the right choice.
Obviously the show was great and I enjoyed it, so I say it's worth seeing, but the absolutely best moment was this:
(the video's not mine)

This was just BEAUTIFUL and I'm amazingly proud that that's how Estonia welcomed Lady Gaga.

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